Shirtless Man Embraces Ricky Martin At Miami Spa

An old photo of a shirtless appearing at a spa in Miami as another shirtless man has his arm around him is in the November issue of TV y Novelas. The article in Spanish talks with the owner of the spa.

Spotted Dining In Century City

E! Online’s Ted Casablanca reports was spotted dining with an entourage of family, friends and his manager at Encore, St. Regis Hotel and Spa in Century City, California. Martin had his hair pulled back with a scarf and sported a white blousy shirt, which was untucked.

‘Oh, Baby’ Is Ricky Martin’s ‘Make Or Break’ Album

Jeannette Walls of MSNBC reports Ricky Martin is still working on his new album tentatively titled ‘Oh, Baby,’ and a source says he’s telling friends that he’s betting his all on it. “He’s saying that people around him convinced him to put stuff on his last album [‘Sound Loaded’] that wasn’t really him, and in retrospect, he’s not at all proud of it,” said the source. “He doesn’t want to rush this one. He’s saying it’s his make-or-break album.”

Ricky Martin Offered Film Role

A poster on the Ricky Martin Fan Forum reports, “Ricky was mentioned Monday on ‘Cotorreando’. They said that he is being offered a role in a movie about a man with two personalities. He tries to live his life perfectly but he is having an incestuous affair with his niece. The movie is going to be called ‘Twin’ or ‘Twins’.”

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2 thoughts on “Shirtless Man Embraces Ricky Martin At Miami Spa

  1. sarahjollie says:

    Ricky’s been offered thousands of roles in different movies.Unfortunately he hasn’t yet made a decision which one would be perfect for him.
    What to say?
    I would love him to start with his film career,with his excellent acting abilities he has bright and successful future also in the film industry.

  2. kiki says:

    I think that he should take the role. It looks challenging and mysterious. I don’t really know about the affair with the niece, that’s a little awkward, it would be better if it was a young teenage girl. But I think he should take the role, for sure.

    I love you Ricky Martin.

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