Shooting Britney Spears

David Samuels of The Atlantic is out with a lengthy cover story on the paparazzi, focusing on their favorite target, Britney Spears. The X17 photographer to took the brunt of the troubled pop tart’s umbrella attack last year said, “She wanted to see her kids. We came out and took pictures.” Spears, joined by her cousin Alli Sims, drove around the corner to a Jiffy Lube, where Alli opened her door and asked the photographers to please leave them alone. Then Britney stuck her head out of the car. “She took her hat off, and she was bald,” Dano explained. “She was breathing like a bull. It was like smoke was coming out of her nostrils. Then she leaps out of the door, screaming ‘Motherfu**ers!'” Read more.

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