Should Tatu Be Banned?

With set to top the UK charts with ‘All the Things She Said’, an increasing number of people have accused the teenage Russian duo of promoting pedophilia, and urging a ban on the lesbian pop duo. TV presenter Richard Madeley branded them “sick” and attacked their record label Polydor for supporting their “open pedophile message.” He added, “We are being told that these girls actually have underage lesbian sex in real life and we are being told by their manager that he spotted a gap in the market – a pedophile gap in the market. That’s sick and it’s wrong and personally I think Polydor should not be selling the record in this country.”

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One thought on “Should Tatu Be Banned?

  1. Vasiliy says:

    Good excuse in order not to let a Russian group into UK’s world of music. Typical example of xenophobia. And that is considering for how many years we in Russia had all sorts of western musical dirt from UK and US.

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