Shouting Cell Phone Matches With Britney & Justin

Neil Travis of The New York Post reports according to sources, and *NSYNC’s have had several telephone conversations since their breakup, all of which ended in shouting matches.

Most Could Care Less About Britney & Justin

March 30, 2002 – In our poll asking ‘How do you characterize the Britney Spears & relationship drama?’, most of you responded that you didn’t care, with 23.1%. Those that did thought their romance was over, with nearly double responding over the thinking that the pair are still in love. Our latest poll asks what do you think is the future of *NSYNC.

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4 thoughts on “Shouting Cell Phone Matches With Britney & Justin

  1. Fan says:

    How would they know who and how Brit talks on her cell phone?

  2. SmilingMonkey says:

    A spy who could be one of Britney’s friends?

  3. Fan says:

    All of this was began with Justin’s friends, must be that.

    Again Tara denied even being in the country.

    So what ever is going on with them has been blown out of proportion and haven’t broke up

  4. Linda_Lou says:

    Just sounds like any other break up to me. They are celebrities, but damn! They are human too!

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