‘Showbiz Tonight’ Covers Britney Spears Trip To Mexico

took a trip to Mexico after her latest breakdown with her paparazzo boyfriend Adnan Ghalib. ‘Showbiz Tonight’ host A.J. Hammer talked with a panel of guests about the troubled pop tart, including clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Kuriansky, investigative journalist Pat Lalama, ‘Extra’ correspondent Carlos Diaz, In Touch Weekly senior editor Kim Serafin,

Kuriansky suggested that Spears “is a girl that grew up in front of the public and who needs the adoration of all – that’s in order to feel like she is anybody. That is what the desperation that we are seeing in her is. And on top of that, she’s got this fear of losing herself without the attention. And she’s been betrayed by everybody in her life. And so, the only thing that’s left for her is the lights and some kind of public attention and as was said an addiction, really. Like addiction to any kind of drug is an addiction to attention.”

Diaz said he’s spoken to Britney’s former bodyguard Tony Barretto, who fears for the singer’s safety. “Well, the one thing that he told me that is a point we have not talked about yet, and this is the point that needs to be very seriously taken into account,” Diaz said. “ currently has no security team protecting her. And that is what the security guard Tony Barretto, a former security adviser, basically wanted to say. He has never seen a star of Britney’s magnitude flat out saying, ‘I don’t want security.’ He said currently, the paparazzi are Britney’s security team. And forget about saving Britney from Britney. What about the people who could harm Britney on the streets and there’s no one to protect her?”

As for Britney’s bizarre relationship with the paparazzi, including one who is apparently her current boyfriend Adnan Ghalib, Serafin suggested there’s a logical explanation. “Well, you know, you’ve got to remember, she is going down there with this photographer, this paparazzo who is apparently her new boyfriend according to reports,” Serafin said of Britney and Adnan’s trip to Mexico. “And it kind of makes sense because the photographers are her only sort of constant – her only true friends at least the way she perceives it. I mean they are the guys that there to fix the flat tire when she gets a flat tire and her car breaks down. They give her a ride. They’re always telling her, ‘Oh you look beautiful, Britney. Pose for another picture.’ They even pay for the lighter that she steals at the gas station. I mean it kind of makes sense that these are the people that she would be attracted to and drawn to because everyone else in her life is not around her and pushes them out of her life. The press, the photographers, they are always there.”

Of all the celebrity weeklies covering Britney this week, OK! features Britney posing with her sons Sean Preston and Jayden James looking normal, and according to the photographer, acting like a model mother. “I don’t think anyone thinks she’s evil or bad or planning how she’s going to harm her children,” Lalama said. “We don’t know what her diagnosis is. We like to throw around schizophrenia, manic depression, bipolar. We just don`t know. The fact of the matter is, whatever conditions it is, there are times when she can be lucid, when she can appear normal. And that day she may have said, ‘Today I can pull it together enough to put on a good front and show people that I’m not a bad person.’ But just a feeling of – trust me. I’ve had personal experience with people who are bipolar. Within seconds, it can all change. That may have been her moment of lucidness. But it no way means that she is doing well. She needs long-term care, A.J.”

Video of the segments at CNN.com has since been removed.

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