‘Showbiz Tonight’ Discuss ‘Heartbreaking’ Britney Spears Documentary

‘Showbiz Tonight’ had a first look at Britney Spears’ documentary ‘Britney: For The Record’. Co-host AJ Hammer spoke with Jo Piazza of The New York Daily News and Carlos Diaz of ‘Extra’, who also saw a screening of the MTV special, airing November 30th. “It really was heartbreaking,” Piazza told Hammer. “She just seems like she’s so alone. She was crying for a lot of the interview. And it just seems like she doesn’t have anyone around her except for the people that work for her who she is paying to be her friends.”

Asked why the singer would release a documentary that paints such a tragic picture of her life, Diaz responded, “Well, usually, I’m cynical about these things, you know. But I actually think it’s a very, very wise move on Britney’s part. Because you have to kind of cleanse yourself of all the mistakes that you’ve made in the past. And we’ve said all along, ‘You know what, Britney? Just admit that you made mistakes and we’ll forgive and move on.’ This is Britney’s way to admit, ‘You know what? I made mistakes in the past. Here’s a look in my life, you know, beyond walking on the street with the paparazzi. Here’s an honest look in my life. Please forgive me. Let’s buy my album two days later on December 2nd.'” Video of the segment, aired Thursday on ‘Headline News’, has since been removed at Turner.com.

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