‘Showbiz Tonight’ Discusses Britney’s Dad Staying In Control

’ father Jamie has retained control of her personal and financial affairs. ‘Showbiz Tonight’ host A.J. Hammer spoke with E! news editor Ken Baker and Tru TV’s Lisa Bloom about the news. “I wasn’t surprised,” Baker said of the news. “Here’s why. Who’s in the in her inner circle? Sam Lutfi, who was given a restraining order against him on Friday. So he’s out of the picture. Adnan Ghalib, some boyfriend who’s a paparazzo who no one in the family knew and he’d only been around in the picture for about a month. Who else was there? The mom has had more of a contentious, combative relationship with Britney in the recent times than the father has. Don’t forget when Britney put in Cedars-Sinai that first time in the psych ward on January 3rd, who was by her side the entire time? Jamie Spears, her father. And I think that what happened was they bonded at that time. It made more sense for Jamie to take over. Now, of course, we’re going to find out how long this lasts as this proceeds the next few days.”

Asked why it was Jamie that got control and not Britney’s mother Lynne at the same time, Bloom responded, “I don`t know the answer because those court papers have been sealed and this has all been so private. Perhaps mom did not want to be the conservator or simply the court found that he was more capable of being a conservator. But don’t forget there`s another person who’s also the conservator over her affairs, and that’s a private attorney not connected with the family. And both the dad and the attorney as conservators are always answerable to the court. So they can’t go out and just make wild-eyed decisions and spend all of Britney’s money and have her drugged up. They’re always answerable to the court. They have to act reasonably on her behalf.” Watch the segment below.

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