‘Showbiz Tonight’ Discusses Kevin Federline’s People Magazine Interview

Laura Saltman of AccessHollywood.com and ‘Lisa Bloom: Open Court’ host Lisa Bloom visited ‘Showbiz Tonight’ on Wednesday (December 2) to talk with co-host Brooke Anderson about Kevin Federline criticizing in a new interview with People magazine.

Asked if she bought K-Fed’s claims that being a full-time dad put a strain on his relationship with Britney because the kids were always more important, Bloom responded, “Absolutely. I have two kids myself. There’s no question when they come into your relationship, your whole world changes. And look, I think both K-Fed and Britney were a little bit emotionally immature and very young when they got married and had these kids right away. And even though they had all the money in the world for nannies and housekeepers, they still had this relationship that was not yet on solid ground. When kids come into it, it’s like a nuclear bomb goes off. They weren’t just ready for the consequences, I think.”

Since Federline talked about a new reality show in the works, Anderson asked Saltman if this interview was part of a plan to aid his career. “I have a feeling that that was part of the deal for the interview was that they had to mention the clothing line and the reality show,” Saltman responded. “But, look, Brooke, I mean – you know, look, he’s Kevin Federline. And right now, he needs to take care of those kids and make a living. And his name and the fact that he was married to is what’s going to make him a living. So he has to put himself out there.”

Video of the interview at Turner.com has since been removed.

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