‘Showbiz Tonight’ Recaps, Analyzes ‘Britney: For The Record’

‘Showbiz Tonight’ co-host AJ Hammer recapped the premiere of Britney Spears’ MTV documentary ‘Britney: For The Record’. Hammer then talked with Cooper Lawrence, a psychology researcher, expert in celebrity fame, and radio talk show host, as well as ‘Extra’ correspondent Carlos Diaz.

Asked if Britney has “grown up, big time” as the singer said in the documentary, Lawrence responded, “Not even a little, A.J. No, because, you know, her father is still in charge of everything in her life. Look at the markers of what a grown-up is. A grown-up is somebody that makes all their own decision, she doesn’t. A grown-up is somebody who can go wherever they want to freely, she doesn’t. And I just know from years of being in this industry that they – you know, the paparazzi are following her, but I know that it’s her people sending e-mails and faxes to the paparazzi saying, here’s where Britney`s going to be today. She has no control over that. So to have no control of your life in any way, shape or form is not grown-up. If anything, these people make her more and more like an infant every day.”

Hammer also talked about how he couldn’t help but feel sorry for Britney after viewing the documentary. “Because of the fact that is seen by a lot of people around her as a commodity, and that’s the thing,” Diaz said. “It’s like, OK, we need to protect Britney from herself but we also have to remember that she is a person and that you need to care for her as a person before you – you know protect her as this entity that can make a lot of money for you.”

Video of the segment, aired Monday (December 1), at Turner.com has since been removed.

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