‘Showbiz Tonight’ Update On Britney Spears’ Legal Battles

‘Showbiz Tonight’ co-host Brooke Anderson spoke with ‘Extra’ correspondent Carlos Diaz and ‘American Morning’ legal analyst Sunny Hostin about Britney Spears’ battle to see her children and the legal obstacles she faces. Asked whether he thought Sam Lutfi was behind the efforts to have a federal court allow Britney to regain control of her affairs, Diaz responded, “That wouldn’t surprise me at all. I mean, you know, he is kind of desperately trying to talk to different people, both in the media and out, and that would be right up his alley. But as we’ve learned already today, basically, the federal judge is like, ‘OK. What`s going on here? You got until February 29th to tell me why I should even listen to this case.'”

As for the lawyer making the effort to get the feds involved and whether it might work, Hostin said, “I don’t think he has a leg to stand on at all. I have to tell you that I read his paperwork, trying to get the case into federal court. And I read, more importantly, Britney Spears` father’s response to it. And what’s very interesting is I think there’s no question that Sam Lutfi is behind it. Because, in fact, when the papers were filed, Sam Lutfi’s publicist was the person who filed it and passed all the paperwork out to the media. So there is no question that Lutfi is behind this. And the argument from Britney Spears’ father is, listen, he’s not even her attorney. The court found that she didn’t have the capacity to hire anyone. And second of all, there is no federal question. I think the bombshell, though, that we are seeing in this paperwork is that Lutfi’s henchman is really accusing Britney Spears’ father of supplementing her medications. And that was supposed to be sort of the federal hook for them that under the Federal Drug and Cosmetics Act, that he was not supposed to be doing this. But after you read it, any lawyer that reads it, it’s so obvious that it`s just coming out of left field and has no chance of winning at all.”

Watch the segment below the fold.

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