Sia Comes Out

Sia Furler 'Some People Have Real Problems'

After telling Attitude magazine that she was having relationship problems with an American girl, spoke with about her decision to come out. “I’ve been talking to my love interest about what I am, and she’s like, ‘Are you going to come out?’ And I said, ‘I guess already did in Attitude.’ And I’d already told all my friends,” Furler told Trish Bendix. “The thing is I feel kind of straight because she’s kind of like a boy. [My love interest] thinks I’m straight. She’s like, ‘You’re straight; it’s just that your girlfriend is gay.’ So I’m straight, it’s just that my boyfriend’s a girl? She’s like, ‘I don’t care, whatever you’d like.'” Read more.

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One thought on “Sia Comes Out

  1. ednah n'cube says:

    I LOVE YOU SIA…ur voice moves me and ur songwriting inspires the life into me….one day, I’d loooove to meet you*

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