Sia Suggests Tax Revolt Over Gay Marriage Bans

Sia Furler

checked in with her Twitter followers (@siamusic) earlier tonight, talking about her frustration with laws banning gay marriage and suggesting gays should engage in a tax revolt in response and trading barbs with followers who voiced disagreement. The Australian pop singer writes:

Anyone know if there are any movements re gays stopping paying taxes until we have equal rights? Class action if we suffer tax penalties?

I mean,there’s gotta be a bazillion of us out there,and brave enough to risk it, right?

leggings for gay marriage.

Are you an imbecile? I’m in shock. RT @Anaisabelle @siamusic We are all human beings with rights! Why are “gay” people so discriminatory? Respect ALL people! Stop playing victim.

You should probably do some more research into what I’m protesting about before you opine next time. It’s pretty insulting. RT @sigourneyrocks @siamusic if gays want to stop paying taxes then they can stop using the roads, attending the schools, going to hospitals & forget the cops

Anyone who is opposed to equal rights, recognition of same sex marriage, or is in anyway homophobic, please fu** off and follow Angie Harmon.

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3 thoughts on “Sia Suggests Tax Revolt Over Gay Marriage Bans

  1. Queer Equality Revolution says:

    I stopped paying all taxes in 2005 and refuse to acknowledge the I.R.S. (I live in America).

    And any IDIOT who says things like, “then stop using roads, attending the schools, going to hospitals & forget the cops” – OK fine…..then YOU stop using the right to civil marriage.

    Also, considering the profound psychological and financial harm that anti-LGBTQ discrimination causes our families, I think society can FOOT THE BILL on taxes until it decides to includes ALL of us.

  2. Thryzhen Frutad(Anonous.) says:

    Whats I’m interested in is how did Sia I. I. Fuller become gay or a LESBIAN??? It must feel mighty good to feel that way. What if everyone in the world was gay? Think about it………………………………………………..
    Everybody would hate each other. Fathers would hate their wife and wives will hate there husbands and may reduced the population of the Earth. Maybe it wouldn’t be like this today if it wasn’t for non gay-ity in some citizens.
    That is some SH** thought. I was 16 when I first heard about Sia. I couldn’t stop listening to her music because I loved her voice. I’m almost 18 and now I know about this, which is very disturbing. Its true to like someone for who they are but like them for being a LESBIAN??? That’s not something to write home about…

  3. Thryzhen Frutad(Anonous.) says:

    Sorry for the off topic post

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