Simon Cowell Ignores Will Young

The Scottish Daily Record reports ‘American Idol’ judge Simon Cowell has continued his feud with the Pop Idol winner Will Young by completely ignoring him. The pair were staying in the same hotel during Will’s trip to Los Angeles, but Will said, “I have been in Los Angeles for a whole week, but I’ve not spoken to Simon. I saw him up in the balcony tonight as I was singing, but that was it.”

Will Young Says U.S. Idols More Polished Than Brits

September 3, 2002 – Michael Glitz of the New York Post chatted with Will ahead of his performance Tuesday on ‘American Idol’. Will says, “The U.S. guys seem more polished than we did. To me, when I was watching particularly someone like Tamyra, I was thinking, ‘My God, you’re Whitney Houston! You could be doing that performance at the MTV Awards.’ I was really, really impressed.”

Will Young Nervous Performing As U.S. Unknown

September 3, 2002 – Will chatted by phone before his big performance on ‘American Idol’ tonight, and admitted to be nervous ahead of his U.S. debut. “On Pop Idol I had the backing of the show – here I’m unknown,” he explained. Not entirely, though, as he says: “I went to the mall and some English kids saw me and came over yelling ‘Will’.”

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