Simon Cowell Labeled ‘Dangerous’ Over Idol Comments

The National Association to Advance Fat Acceptance says Simon Cowell’s comments on ‘American Idol’, suggesting contestants need to lose weight, could be causing eating disorders. “His comments are targeting an audience that already has a propensity for eating disorders,” said Maryanne Bodolay, executive administrator for NAAFA. “He’s looking at average-size women and making fun of them. These young women are going to say, ‘If he thinks they’re fat, what is he going to think of me?’ He’s contributing to young women having eating disorders… This is not funny. And it’s not just silly. It’s dangerous.”

Tamyra Gets Three More Episodes In ‘Boston Public’

March 2, 2003 – The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports David E. Kelley, the creator of Fox’s ‘Boston Public,’ must like Tamyra Gray, the former Norcross resident and ‘American Idol’ finalist. The drama series has signed her for an extra three episodes on top of the four she originally committed to as a vocally talented high school student with a controlling boyfriend.

Simon Cowell Resists Idol Come-Ons

February 27, 2003 – Simon Cowell bragged to Star magazine that he is a chick magnet, but cautions that he hasn’t abused his power as a music honcho with aspiring American Idols. “I’ve slept with more than a hundred women,” he boasted. “All the contestants come on to me. They flirt like made. They make it very clear what’s on their minds. They’ll do anything for the fame and fortune I offer them.” Explaining why he’s resisted the temptation, Simon says, “That wouldn’t be professional.” Besides, Simon is now dating British model Terri Seymour. “She’s a very sexy chick who keeps me very satisfied,” Simon said.

Small Talk With ‘American Idol’ Ruben Studdard

February 20, 2003 – TV Guide Online caught up with semifinalist Ruben Studdard who proved to be a man of few words. The Idol’s appear to be well rehearsed on staying silent in regards to ousted contestant Frenchie Davis, as Studdard simply offered a “no comment” as to whether he’s bummed she was DQ’d.

Frenchie Got Fried: ‘American Idol’ Finalists Speak Out

February 19, 2003 – Last week’s ‘American Idol 2’ contestants that moved on to the finals — Ruben Studdard and Kimberley Locke, commented on the controversial removal of Frenchie Davis from the reality series. Kimberley’s comments were no doubt tempered by not wanting to bite the hand that feeds her. “I don’t know every detail,” she said. “I just know she told me she was no longer in the competition.”

Pressure From Advertisers Led To Frenchie’s Firing?

February 19, 2003 – Billy Masters of isn’t happy about the ouster of Frenchie Davis from ‘American Idol’. Billy says there are unsubstantiated rumors circulating that other ladies might have been involved with her nude appearances on ‘Daddy’s Naughty Girls’, which he says is not surprising given the rumors about Frenchie’s personal life. Billy added, “Rumor has it that pressure from advertisers led to Frenchie’s dismissal – especially when the tabloids got wind of her past.”

American Idols Have Real Chance To Be A Star

February 19, 2003 – Casting agents tell the New York Post that there are three reality television personalities that have star quality, and two are from ‘American Idol’. Ousted Idol Frenchie Davis is one. “Frenchie was the best thing about that show, and you can bet she’ll get a recording contract – probably from Simon Cowell,” said Hollywood casting agent Roger Mussenden. The other is Tamyra Gray, who already has a gig on ‘Boston Public’ later this month.

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