Simon Cowell Says Britney Spears Needs To Live Normally

Simon Cowell spoke with People magazine about his belief that can reverse the nosedive she’s found herself in professionally and personally. “I genuinely think that if I sat down with Britney and, No. 1, remind her of all the good things in her life – which are her kids, her money, her success, everything – I’d try to give her a sense of perspective,” the ‘American Idol’ judge explained. “And then I’d take her out of where she’s living at the moment and ask her to go and live with her family – and live normally – for six months.”

Cowell said that “she’s the most searched artist on the internet at the moment”, she has a “head start” in attempting a comeback. Cowell argued that if Spears started behaving normally, she’ll “suddenly find that the paparazzi aren’t camped outside [her] front door every day.” And he’s willing to deliver the message to Spears personally. “She’s welcome to call me anytime,” he said.

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