Simon Cowell Says Paula Abdul Wants Him

Extra TV caught up with the ‘American Idol’ judges to get insight on the war of words between Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul. Simon commented, “Truthfully, I think there are times when I quite like her and I think there are times when I actually despise her. Simple as that.” As for whether their battles are a sign of sexual tension, Simon said, “From her to me, without a question. She wants me, definitely.”

Talks ‘American Idol’

July 24, 2002 – Entertainment Tonight spoke with ‘American Idol’ judge Paula Abdul about how tough it’s been for her to play her part when contestants get criticized or voted off. “I feel like I know these kids now,” says Paula. “It’s been such an amazing journey and such a transformation. It just breaks my heart to see their hearts broken.” As for the show’s chief critic Simon Cowell? “‘American Idol’ doesn’t work without Simon’s energy. [He’s] the yin to the yang. I’ve told him, ‘You’re an extremely important part of that show.’ And he says, ‘Well, thank you, Paula, now you’re saying something sensible.'”

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