Sister Love’s Erica Checks In After Shooting Their First Video

Erica of the Swedish pop trio checked in with fans on their blog at MySpace (@hitworkssisterlove) on Sunday (August 10). She writes:

The 27th of July we jumped in to a taxi at the central station in Sweden’s proud capital Stockholm, the taxi journey took us to Arlanda, where the flight to England, London was impatiently waiting for us, ready to take us to our lives biggest adventure, something that everyone of us girls had dreamt about to do since we were born, to be recording a music video and to make a singing career.

The flight was awesome, Jossan and Tess were almost asleep during the whole flight. When we finally arrived in London we got picked up by a limousine at the airport, it felt SO luxurious =)

When we had got settled down at the hotel it was time for food, we had got invited by Marcus and Amanda, the video director and his beautiful wife, who also designed and made all our outfits for the video. Totally AMAZING outfits!!!

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