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I have written many articles which have been published on this website regarding my thoughts and opinions of the type of music that we are exposed to in this day and age. Many of you readers have chosen to disregard my articles and say that I should stop wasting my time writing these “stupid articles” but dare I say it why do u have so much time on your hands to read my “lousy articles” think before you speak. If you are not interested in what I have to say then simply don’t read it. Nobody is putting a gun to your head telling you to read this”#@^&.”

But to the topic at hand. Our generation of music doesn’t really seem to have anything to do with music does it? It’s all about the video. Artists pay video directors thousands of dollars to direct their music videos because they want it to be ‘just right’ while they parade around the stage in little more than a cloth wrapped around themselves. The videos now are even more skankier than before. Everyone seen ‘CANDY SHOP” BY 50 CENT? Yeah so have I, now don’t get me wrong I kinda dig the song but is this what the worlds come too? us talking about our own little “candy shops”? In theory we are selling ourselves as mere sex objects because sex sells, and we the audience are stupid enough to take it all in and respond to it making these rappers (50) superstars and filthy rich. Even when they don’t have any talent. 50 can’t even talk properly how the hell did he become the world’s best rapper? Its ridiculous and I no I’m not the only one that thinks that. Week after week I find myself tuning into MTV’s TRL seeing what videos well hit the chart next. That’s right videos not the song.
Take the example Britney Spears’ latest “Do Somethin” Her lyrics state – “I only rock to what’s real don’t be a bon bon” What the hell does that mean? First of all she’s not a rock chic she’s a pop tart and doing what to “what’s real”? What’s she talking about real she’s the fakest person in the entire Hollywood scene. She doesn’t even deserve to be where she is. She doesn’t write her own lyrics, she doesn’t play her own instruments and can barely choke out the words to a song. And she calls herself an artist. So why in gods good graces is she sooooooo popular?
Finally, we as the younger generation have the power to change the music of today, if we stop being like everybody else and start being unique and liking music for the artist, the lyrics, the song and start respecting performers for who they really are we can change this, but its up to us. Take a chance and stand up for yourself. Enjoy music for what it Listen to artists that are totally original and are truly performers, don’t be a “bon bon”

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