Skinny Randy Jackson Can’t Wait For ‘Idol 3’

Extra caught up with Randy Jackson who has really slimmed down after his gastric bypass surgery and he admitted he can’t wait for the third installment of ‘American Idol’. He says, “I expect to see plenty of freaks and a lot of geeks, some marginally talented people and a few great ones.”

‘American Idol’ Don’t Care About Expert Judges

August 28, 2003 – During Chris Rock’s opening monologue of the MTV Video Music Awards on Thursday, he joked, “Now, ‘American Idol’ was the biggest thing in music this year by far. People love ‘American Idol’, man. But you know, on most shows, that have judges, you try to get experts. Not ‘American Idol’, they don’t care about no expert judges. They got Simon, Al Roker and Paula Abdul, judging singers. judging a singer is like getting Christopher Reeve to judge a dance contest. It ain’t right! It ain’t right!”

Stars Show Concern For Simon Cowell’s Girlfriend

August 23, 2003 – The Mirror spoke extensively with ‘American Idol’ judge Simon Cowell and his girlfriend Terri Seymour, where both admit to getting a big laugh out of the way people seem concerned that Simon might be treating her as badly as his ‘Idol’ “victims”. She says, “The question I always get asked is: ‘He’s not mean to you as well, is he?’ I’ve had it from A-list stars like Drew Barrymore, Quentin Tarrantino and Snoop Doggy Dog. They rush up to us to say how much they love the show – and tell Simon he is the only reason they watch it.”

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