Skye Sweetnam Addresses iPod Touch CSS Confusion

is correcting the record about those who believe she is singing the song featured on the iPod Touch commercial, when it’s actually a track by CSS called ‘Music Is My Hot Hot Sex’. The confusion lies in the lyric in the CSS track saying “music is my boyfriend”, matching the title of Skye’s first ‘Sound Soldier’ release.

“I don’t sing in the iPod commercial… Too many people, especially press, can’t be bothered to listen to the song, they only read the title before they assume I’m the voice singing ‘Music is My Boyfriend’ on the iPod Touch commercial,” she writes. “I think it’s quite funny. Just wanted to set the record straight. Only I can’t complain if I get a few more Google hits because of the mix up!”

Skye also posted a video example of that confusion which took place when introduced for her New Year’s Eve performance. Watch it, and the performance of ‘Ghosts’ and ‘Boyhunter’ below.

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