Skye Sweetnam ‘Sound Soldier’ Album Photoshoot

Skye Sweetnam close-up photo on the site of her 'Sound Soldier' album cover photo shoot has posted footage where she is shown driving to the set of her photoshoot for ‘Sound Soldier’ – a gravel pit. After scouting the scene, she returns with her band. The video clip includes audio for her song ‘Rock N’ Roll Baby’, written with Tim Armstrong.

here on the sight of the photo shoot for my album cover ‘Sound Soldier’, and it’s probably windy so you probably can’t hear me very well, that’s why I got close to the camera,” Sweetnam said. “So, up on top of this gorgeous cliff and the biggest, coolest gravel pit I know owned by my own grandpa. My truck, loaded up all the gear, TV’s, toys, everything, all my favorite stuff. Guess what we’re doing with it? We’re sticking it on to a fricken bulldozer!”

Watch it via YouTube below.

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