Skye Sweetnam’s Sledgehammer Tale

Skye Sweetnam at a park with her friends J and FrankieSkye Sweetnam, J and Frankie told a story about creepy construction at a bridge while they were doing a photo shoot at a park. Skye was offered a sledgehammer by a construction worker and she talked about going psycho on a bike path.

“We’re taking a photo at a park as you can see, and there’s construction going on at the bridge. I’m kind of dressed up like a freak right now, so the construction worker is like, ‘Oh! Beautiful! Take that shot! Awesome!’ when they see us at the bridge. Then they came up here and said do you want to use a sledgehammer or something? Little did they know that loves sledgehammers, and I gladly took it from the man. We said can we borrow this for a second? Then we went down the bike path and started (cocking back the sledgehammer) and they were like ‘Ah!’ and bikes were flying everywhere and we took some pretty awesome shots.”

Watch the message via YouTube below.

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