SMHP And Miley Cyrus Collaboration Shirt

Miley Cyrus wearing SMHP

Trace Cyrus has announced the first item launch from his new winter line, a t-shirt collaboration with sister Miley Cyrus. The former member started southern Made Hollywood Paid in 2009. Music and fashion were always Trace’s two true passions in life and Hollywood gave the 22-year-old the opportunity to meet the right people and allow him to live out his dreams.

“I have always had a love for fashion and the opportunity presented itself to have a clothing company of my own and I really wanted the name of it to represent me,” Trace explained. “That is why I decided on Southern Made Hollywood Paid. I feel it tells a lot about my life, my story, and me. I love any way to express myself and that’s why I started SMHP.”

Check out the SMHP and t-shirt at

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