Smiling Jackson Cheered On By Inmates While In Custody

smiled often and flashed the peace sign to inmates while in police custody for child molestation charges – and was cheered on by prisoners, an inmate at the facility told The New York Post. “They had him with his hands against the wall and they patted him down,” Valentino Ziliotto said in a jailhouse interview. “Then they took him to where you get your fingerprints [and mug shot] taken. I was yelling, ‘Michael!’ He turned around and waved a peace sign to someone in a different cell. He was smiling and flashing a peace sign… We cheered him on.”

Boy’s Mom: Mixed-Up When I Cleared

November 27, 2003 – The mother of Michael’s accuser signed an affidavit clearing the pop star of wrongdoing – but now says she was confused and coerced, the New York Daily News has learned. “They made her sign papers, but she didn’t know what she was signing,” a source close to the boy’s family said.

Accuser’s Mother Called Jackson ‘A Father Figure’

November 26, 2003 – CNN and ABC news legal contributor Kimberly Guilfoyle-Newsom has heard the 20-minute tape mother and son recorded a full month after her son had talked about sharing Michael Jackson’s bed on the controversial Martin Bashir special. According to Guilfoyle, “In this tape, the mother is quote ‘effusive’ about her praise for calling him quote ‘a father figure’ and saying quote that ‘God has blessed them’ by bringing Michael Jackson to them.”

Rev. Sharpton Helps Jackson Family Cope

November 26, 2003 – The Hill reports Rev. Al Sharpton has been providing spiritual counseling to members of Michael Jackson’s family. Michael’s brother Jermaine phoned him over the weekend to express “the family’s concern for Michael” following his child molestation charge. “I’d like to help,” said Sharpton, “but I don’t know that much about the case.” In addition, Sharpton already has a busy schedule, currently running for the Democratic presidential candidacy.

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One thought on “Smiling Jackson Cheered On By Inmates While In Custody

  1. pao says:

    I am for one sick of celebrities get away with horrible crimes. If it was an average joe, he would have been stoned (in the old days), but because they have some type of reconigtion they get away with it. Michael Jackson is a perfect example of what I’m talking about he should be in prison and paying back all the pain and suffering he has caused the victims and their families.

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