SNL Stint A Thing Of The Past

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Ashlee Simpson’s career did not go from top of the charts to barely scraping the top 40. Puh-leese! What is this based on? The course of one song which has not even begun to pick up. ‘La La’ might have gone for adds a few weeks ago, but it has had no promotion until recently. The music video for ‘La La’ is climbing the TRL charts as we speak. It has also just popped up on’s Top 100. Radio airplay will pick up. Her album has absolutely not taken a hit. Please, tell me how it has taken a downward spin? What evidence do you have to support this? Let me give you the FACTS! For the week ending November 23, 2004, ‘Autobiography’ sold approx 35,388 copies landing at #50 on the Billboard 200. For the week ending November 30, 2004, this past week, ‘Autobiography’ sold approx 61,052 copies landing at #34. Please tell me HOW jumping up from #50 to #34 is a downward spin!? Only once has Ashlee left the top 50 since her album was released! ‘Autobiography’ is showing no signs of slowing down despite what some of you might like to believe. Lets talk about touring shall we. Ashlee never planned to do big venues. It was never scaled down. Please tell me when, WHEN was it ever posted anywhere that Ashlee would be doing big venues? They had always planned on Ashlee doing smaller venues. Nothing was scaled down. That is a total lie. The venues she is doing are appropriate. Hilary Duff’s first album went 3x platinum as well and she did the exact type venues. That is the truth. Those are the facts, not a bunch of fabricated lies!

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