Solo-Spurned JC Mad At Jive & Justin?

A fan who met up with Backstreet Boys star AJ McLean on Saturday night when fiance Sarah Martin performed has fans *NSYNC fans buzzing — and may explain why JC Chasez was wearing the Jive/BMG unfriendly t-shirt at the MTV Video Music Awards. The fan wrote on “…Someone brings up Justin Timberlake and AJ says that he really liked Justin’s performance at the VMA’s. I gave him this look like ‘Are you serious?’ Apparently he was. Okay, whatever AJ, lol. And then he says that he’s been talking to JC a lot lately and that JC is really angry with Jive because they are putting all kinds of promotion and money into Justin’s album but will not back JC at all. Evidently JC is having to go out and get his own producers, writers, EVERYTHING. And I guess JC and Justin aren’t speaking right now. Then he said that he thinks that Justin’s voice blows Nick’s out of the water. My jaw dropped open when I heard that but he also said that Justin’s voice blows his voice out of the water too. So, I don’t think he was really dissing Nick, I guess just expressing his opinion.”

Justin Timberlake’s NYC Appearances

September 23, 2002 – Contributed by DiVa4LiFe: *NSYNC star Justin stopped by Hot 97 with Star and Power 105.1 with Ed Lover, Lisa and Dr. Dre this morning discuss his album and get a little personal, then he appeared on TRL, and later he will tape his appearance for BET’s 106th and Park which will air Wednesday at 6pm, and Wednesday September 25th he will appear on z100’s Paul Cubby Bryant show.

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8 thoughts on “Solo-Spurned JC Mad At Jive & Justin?

  1. BuffyFan says:

    Ok IF this is actually true…..

    It sucks for JC because I personally think he has the best voice of Nsync. I’m not a fan of theirs but I will admit JC has some major vocal talent! Justin’s voice is way too whiny at times. Yeah he sounds ok but overall JC is better.

    As far as Justin’s voice blows Nick’s out of the water…um if AJ actually said that it’s HIS opinion. I think Nick has a better voice but then again that is MY OPINION.

  2. Froot_Loop says:

    Yeah and if what AJ said was true, then Ill bet JC thinks Nicks voice “blows Justin’s out of the water”… AJ has heard WAY too many Michael Jackson cds if he thinks that Justin´s voice is better than Nicks and his own!!, but that’s his opinion, here´s mine… If that were true, then WHY wasn’t Justin invited to sing the National Anthem at the opening game for the NFL, they had Mariah Carey and went to Nick…

    Ill leave all the JC controversy about his solo album and being angry at Justin to all the Nsync fans to discuss…

    (Smells like we will have a record of posts on this one since there is a little of BSB and Nsync in this thread)

  3. Chocokitty says:

    This is so stupid!!! Will the fan and media-created “Rivalry” between Justin and Nick ever end?? Really, who give’s a rat’s ass?? They are both talented, they both have fans and both albums will sell. I don’t know how much and no one else knows either unless they have a crystal ball. This whole argument is beyond pathetic.

  4. tj says:

    who ever wrote that is so full of crap. There’s no way JC is mad at Justin. People love to cause drama. Hello? did anyone see them TOGETHER at JC’s birthday party recently!!!!!! This was well after Justin’s solo stuff was announced. People are such idiots its pathetic

  5. Jeannie says:

    I’m having a really hard time believing this, considering that every article lately, that’s been posted, has pretty much contradicted each other. This article is a contradiction to those that were posted yesterday, and those contradict their predecessors. I don’t think this is true. If it were, why would AJ be so quick to tell this to someone, a fan no less? This would be the type of thing they wouldn’t want to go public. I don’t think this article is very credible.

  6. saturn says:

    I also doubt this is a direct AJ quote, but I wouldn’t be surprised if JC is pissed off. Just like if AJ or Brian decided to put out a CD now, Jive wouldn’t give them as much attention/promotion as they’re giving Nick. Nick & Justin are their 2 golden-egg laying geese.

  7. JackStar says:

    Well, if this really was true…It really sucks! I mean NSYNC is what it is now because of JC & Justin’s voice mainly…I mean I never really heard the other three singing…but then again I guess I wouldn’t even have noticed because I’m not really a huge fan…

    Anyways I was just trying to point out that it sucks that Jive only support Justin going solo while I think JC’s voice is better than Justin’s that’s my opinion…But then again when does Jive really choose for talent? I mean it’s always about publicity because that would mean selling the album…

    And come on…Didn’t some crappy magazine or whatever report that Brian was supposed to be mad at Nick because he’s going solo as well??? I bet they are just doing the same things to JC and Justin…

    About comparing Justin and Nick’s voices…I like Nick’s voice more. I watched the VMA and I honestly thought: “Dang what is his problem? Try to imitate the MJ way of singing?” Justin does have a great voice if he didn’t hit the highest key he could during the whole song.

  8. Mia says:

    Bottom Line: JC has the better voice and the talent as a songwriter/producer. He doesn’t have to write with super producers like Timbaland or the Neptunes. Hell, I could write cheesy lyrics with them and make a hit song when they do all the work. Justin’s voice is whiny and a knock off of MJ. I love Nsync for JC. If Justin was so talented he wouldn’t have to get attention for dating women and flaunting his “relationships” all over the media. We all need to remember something-his album has not come out yet and although Like I love You is performing ok on the charts (in comparison to Nick’s) it isn’t performing well compared to POP, Bye, Bye Bye, or most other Nsync songs. Plus as he starts having to give interviews he may start losing more fans by his arrogance. He doesn’t have the other guys to balance it out anymore. Not to mention he has to come out in the same few weeks as Shania, Mariah, Faith, Whitney, Christina, Nick, Madonna, U2, etc… This may have been the worst possible time to break a new solo album. I won’t buy it and I am a huge Nsync fan. Unless I hear a better song than like I love you (the Neptunes sound is already tired) I’ll stick with Shania or Mariah.

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