Soluna Brings Appreciation Of Spanish To English Fans

The Olympian spoke with Soluna, who see their music as representative of the changing picture of American demographics. “We see the boundaries fading away between the cultures, because that’s really what’s going on here in the United States right now,” Aurora Rodriguez said. Their debut album includes a combination with English, Spanish and bilingual tracks. “Because we’ve started our music career in both languages, we’ve been able to bring an appreciation of the Spanish language to English speakers,” Rodriguez said. “To bring some classic pop music to the Spanish audience is also a great thing.”

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One thought on “Soluna Brings Appreciation Of Spanish To English Fans

  1. PL says:

    now in days it is really good if you know two lenguages I my self learn English and Spanish is my native lenguage… bringing music to the Latin is great… although pop is a very competitive I think is all about the bit… good luck rodriguez…

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