Soluna Praise Josh Hartnett, Brandy & Mariah

YM magazine chatted with the girls from and when asked who their celebrity crushes are, T revealed, “I have a different one every week! When I saw Josh Hartnett in Halloween H2O, I loved him so much! Jessica’s been going on about Benjamin Bratt the whole trip, but he just got married, so she’s sad. Tobey Maguire is America’s choice. Aurora likes Dave Matthews, but he’s married with children. You know who else for me? Jakob Dylan – he’s cute, man!” Bandmate Jessica also had warm comments for two female music stars. “I love [Brandy’s] voice,” she said. “She’s an all-round artist; she’s got it all going on. I also love the Beatles and the way their career spanned [so many] years, and I love Mariah Carey – I still believe in her and have faith that she’s going to come back really strong.”

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