Someone Walks Off With Jason Mraz’s Beloved Water Bottle

After attending Elton John’s Academy Awards party on Sunday night, found that his water bottle (reusable of course) was swiped. The singer songwriter turned to his MySpace (@jasonmraz) to offer advice for the lucky person who obtained it, assuming it wasn’t someone working at the bash who simply threw it away. Mraz writes:

To the Person who walked off with my Water Bottle last night,

You are so going to enjoy your new water bottle and I thank you for finally getting in the game! In this game, you will not only remember to drink lots of water, but you will become a lot more conscious about where water comes from, how and where to get it for free, AND you will not be wasting money and resources by purchasing unnecessary plastic.

Before you get started, you’re going to want to wash the bottle. I’ve had a nasty cold and I’m pretty sure I’m contagious and I guarantee I left some traces on the mouthpiece. The best way to wash out your new personal water bottle is to pour boiling water into it. This will burn away all the nasty and leave your bottle fresh. (If yours gets really funky, add a little vinegar to the hot water.) Be sure you grip the bottle with a towel or oven mitt as the aluminum will get ouchy hot.

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One thought on “Someone Walks Off With Jason Mraz’s Beloved Water Bottle

  1. becks says:

    I’ve been watching ebay for the bottle every since Jason blogged about it missing. haha.

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