Sony Rep Says Jacko Desperate To Point The Finger

A Sony representative responded to Michael Jackson’s shocking charges against the label and its chief Tommy Mottola. “We were surprised and saddened by Mr. Jackson’s recent statements and activities,” the rep said. “We have committed considerable financial and creative resources to the marketing and promotion of Invincible, and we are proud of the success we have had with the album.” The Sony rep continued, “Michael agreed initially to do a world tour for the album, but then he pulled back and decided not to. He’s desperate to point the finger at someone other than himself.”

Rev Al Doesn’t Agree With Jacko’s Racist Charges

July 7, 2002 – The New York Post reports the Rev. Al Sharpton is backing off his support for Michael Jackson, at least the aspect that has him labeling Sony Music chief Tommy Mottola as a racist. Sharpton said he was “taken aback and surprised” by the verbal assault adding, “In fact, [Mottola’s] always been supportive of the black music industry. He was the first record executive to step up and offer to help us with respect to corporate accountability, when it comes to black music issues.”

Jacko Makes Explosive Charges Against Sony Chief

July 7, 2002 – The New York Post has more details on Michael Jackson’s controversial comments to Sony Music chief Tommy Mottola today. Jackson accused Mottola of using a racial slur against another artist saying, “He called him a fat, black, n- – – – -. I can’t deal with that.” Jackson wouldn’t reveal who the artist was though saying, “I can’t say.”

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3 thoughts on “Sony Rep Says Jacko Desperate To Point The Finger

  1. guccimama says:

    So if he is a racist, how come he didn’t say the same to Michael J? Does he consider himself white now

  2. Dancer4Life says:

    I don’t really think Tony Mottola said that. I just think that Jackson is pissed because his album didn’t do well and he is blaming Sony for it. He just wants to start some drama.

  3. AntiBubbleGumMachine says:

    I agree. However, if you looked at Tommy Mottola’s actions of how he treats his artists as of late, Not only it’s been nothing less than stellar, but down right criminal. He trying to ruined his ex-wife Mariah Carey publicly in the press. Then his run-in with George Michael in the early 90’s (before Mr. Michael’s gay-outing in a Beverly Hills public bathroom with an undercover cop a few years back), and worst, he stole 80’s pop/songwriting duo Daryl Hall and John Oates’ money at the time he was their manager. Then there’s allegations of Mr. Mottola being tied to the mob in Vanity Fair six years ago. I think the management at Sony should take a hard look at Mr. Mottola and treatment of his artists because it’s affecting the bottom line to the company and they need to take actions against him…NOW!

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