Sony Responds To Michael Jackson Criticism

Sony Music has responded to the blasting it endured from over what he thought was a lack of promotion for his latest album ‘Invincible.’ “In introducing ‘Invincible’ to the global marketplace we executed world-class marketing, promotion and publicity campaigns fully befitting Michael’s status as a global superstar,” they said. “We are very proud of all we have accomplished on behalf of Michael Jackson.”

Condemns Sony Music In London

June 17, 2002 – Access Hollywood ran a clip of the Michael visit to London over the weekend and the trouble he ran into with over-zealous fans. Spoon-bending pal Uri Gellar told them, “Michael was crushed. He actually fell on the platform. Now let me tell you this, if Michael wasn’t in the shape that he is in he would have stayed there.” They also have more on Michael’s eye-raising comments against his label Sony Music, including calling the label chief Tommy Mottola “the devil.”

Is PO’d At Sony

June 16, 2002 – Michael told a crowd of fans at London’s Equinox that he’s had it with Sony Music and his next album with the label he’s been with 24 years will be his last. “Sony tried to destroy ‘Invincible’ because they couldn’t stand the idea that the artist had out-thought the company. I’m only going to do one more album for them – a box set with two new songs. I’m a free agent now. They’re very angry with me.”

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