Sophie Ellis-Bextor Explains Her Shock PETA Ad

has revealed why she did the controversial ad for PETA where she’s shown holding a dead fox carcass. “I’m not a fashion fascist and if someone wants to wear it, they can,” she told the Sunday Mirror. “But surely they should question what they’re doing. There’s that famous quote about it takes 14 dumb animals to make a fur coat, but only one to wear it, and it’s true. A lot of people have forgotten it’s not OK to wear it because they are dictated to by designers. Fashion can get too big for its own boots.”

Sophie Ellis-Bextor Lashes Out At Fur Wearing Pop Stars

November 15, 2002 – Sophie, who recently featured in an anti-fur ad, attacked pop stars who wore fur at the MTV Europe Music Awards last night. “I think it is obscene and vulgar,” she told the Independent.

Thanks Fans For Single Support

November 12, 2002 – Sophie thanked fans for helping get her new single ‘Music Gets the Best of Me’ to debut at #14 in the UK charts. “Hello guys! I am so proud of you all. You have been so great about the single position and you’re right, of course, with all your comments,” she said. “The album is flying and I am very happy I released this song last as it’s one of my favorites. It is kind of the end of the Read my Lips era. The tour has become my new focus and I can’t wait to see you all there. I have started work on the new album and am very excited with the sounds and styles I’m experimenting with. I’ve got to go and decide what shoes to wear with my outfit for the MTV awards now. I’ll let you know how the awards went when I return! Oh, and just so you know, I am due to perform on Children in Need Friday night at about 12.30am.”

Set To Shock In Anti-Fur Campaign

November 12, 2002 – Sophie is appearing in a hard-hitting PETA advertisement attacking the fur trade, where she is photographed wearing a black evening dress, holding the dead body of a skinned fox. “I’m part of a generation that grew up with the ‘We’d rather go naked than wear fur campaign’ and it’s something that really struck a chord with me,” Sophie said. “To me it felt a very natural thing to do, to be on the side of animals when it came to fur.”

Sophie Ellis Bextor Says She’s Not Pregnant

November 10, 2002 – Sophie sounded rather upset after BIGTONE on her official website posted, “I just saw Sophie on ITV 1 The National Music Awards and shes got love handles. My god! She’s putting the weight on. Mark my words. I recon she’s pregnant.” Sophie responded, “Hello. Bigmouth by name, bigmouth by nature wouldn’t you say? I am not pregnant but even stranger than that, I am the same size as when all this began! I think it’s very dangerous to perceive boobs and curves as babies. However, I bet Bigmouth has the body of a god (not really). Don’t you girls?”

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