Sophie Ellis Bextor Getting More Attention As A Blonde

is on the cover of The Glasgow Daily Record’s 192 insert, and was asked about her newly blonde hairdo. “I think the wind changed,” she said. “It’s not a statement. I just got bored. I was a brunette for years I will go back to it, I like it best but I thought, let’s change. Last year I was a red-head.” She says she’s enjoying the new look and the attention it gets, but she admits it’s a “pain in the ass” having to always do the roots. But she dismisses claims she did the dye because she’s split up with long-term boyfriend and manager Andy Boyd, although she is getting more attention from men. She says, “I have had 500 people ask, ‘Do you have more fun as a blonde?’. Maybe it’s a bit naive, but I don’t feel like a different person.”

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One thought on “Sophie Ellis Bextor Getting More Attention As A Blonde

  1. looker says:

    Isn’t her 15 minutes of fame over by now?

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