Sophie Keeps Skin Clear With Water And Not Smoking

A fan quizzed Sophie Ellis-Bextor on how she keeps her skin looking so good. Sophie responded, “I am very lucky in that my skin is naturally clear and pale. I stay out the sun, don’t smoke and drink lots of water and since I was about 18 I hardly get any spots. I used to before that, though, so I really appreciate it now when I’m complimented on my complexion. I remember when I used to feel very self-conscious about it. It is true that they touch up stuff in pictures but I am lucky to have no scars and I hope it stays that way. There are other things that I have had touched up, I’m sure, but I’m not going to tell you what!”

Sophie Ellis-Bextor Back From Trip To U.S.

7, 2002 – Sophie posted on her official message board yesterday in response to news that she’s starting to get some airplay on radio stations in the U.S. “I am just back in the UK following my first trip to meet my American record company,” she said. “It makes me very happy to hear how excited you all are about me in the US. It is so amazing to think of how far things have come within the last 12 months and I’m very proud of all my fans all over the world. I will keep you posted as to how it all progresses but must stress it is very early days and may take months before we see any results. Keep the faith!”

Sophie Ellis-Bextor Gives Fans Update From The Road

September 3, 2002 – Sophie checked in with fans last month (August 23) during her promotional visit of Latin America. Sophie explained, “I am going to be in Mexico, Brazil and Argentina, and I am hoping to stop off in New York for a couple of days on the way back too. It is pretty exciting to be able to travel to such interesting places. Despite that though, having spent so much time abroad this summer I am looking forward to returning home to London in the first week of September to spend some time working within Europe and promoting my next single, ‘Music Gets the Best of Me’, which is coming out in the UK on the 4th November.”

Sophie Ellis-Bextor Gives Her Opinion On American Pop

July 28, 2002 – Hera Diani of The Jakarta Post spoke with Sophie for her thoughts on American pop music. “I think American pop is, like, really slick,” she said. “American artists can spend two years on the development and get stuff right before they release it to the public. Whereas with English and European stuff it’s more like rough and ready. I quite like that (the latter). I like being distinct, I think it’s quite charming. Everything is like a little bit homemade. But on the other hand, English pop stars, all the boybands get fat after a year. While in America, they are always like, you know, muscley.”

As for the chances of her own success in the U.S., Sophie said, “I feel that I’m going to have success in America, but I may not succeeded in the whole of America. I think that’s a bit of a stupid attitude. It’s actually a bit greedy.”

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