Sophie Monk Recovered Quick From Logies Collapse

The webmaster of Sophie Monk’s official website posted a message about the singer’s condition after her dramatic collapse at the Logies in Australia. The message posted on Thursday (April 22) states: “I’ve talked to Sophie, and to hear it from her (rather than the media), she is fine. Yes, she collapsed, and the St. Johns ambulance had to come and check if she was ok – as you do in any case of anyone collapsing. They gave her the all-clear but she went to rest anyway. Don’t believe everything you read in the papers. One of the crazy rumors was that she was sewn into her dress – completely untrue. She has been well enough to get back working on her album the past few days and is going to the 2Day FM Star Party tonight. Let our minds now rest. Thanks for the support and worry for her – but it’s good to know she is ok, and the media just made a mountain out of nothing.” Reports following the collapse claimed rumors the former star was suffering from an eating disorder.

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