Space Heater Catches Nick Jonas’ Pants On Fire

Nick Jonas shared his favorite song from ‘Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam’ and Frankie Jonas talked about a funny experience dancing on the movie and trying to keep up with Alyson Stoner. In a second clip, the sibling pop trio talked about everything that’s different in ‘Camp Rock 2’ from the first movie and shared a funny story about when Nick’s pants caught on fire.

“There was a space heater in this tent that we were in,” Nick explained. “I was standing next to it and wasn’t really paying attention. The whole cast was in there trying to stay warm because it was freezing outside. I was standing there all of the sudden, my leg really itches. I looked down and my white pants, the left leg was literally on fire, like in flames. I looked down with a delayed reaction and put the fire out.” The incident left Nick’s pants with a black streak and Kevin joked it was his favorite memory from the filming.

The video clips at YouTube have since been removed.

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