Spanish Rockers Diss Britney Live At Latin VMAs

Contributed by Jerseline:

Last night, during the Latin VMA’s , a trio of spanish rockers who were presenters dissed Britney Spears. One of the presentations of the awards (the award for Video Of The Year which Shakira won for “Suerte”, The spanish “Whenever, Wherever”), the presenters which were three different members of three different latin rock groups. During their bit before they gave the award, they talked in spanish, with rough english captions on the Closed Captioning feature (displayed on it’s own to translate the Spanish), about how few Latin videos were around on their channel, when they launched 9 years ago. They said close to 100 only originally. Then they mentioned that they have had over a million videos played by local and foregin artists now. Then one joked that one quarter of that large number of these videos were by Britney Spears.

Then the eldest looking one of the trio then yelled in Spanish, according to the caption, “Stop making videos, blonde girl! Long live rock and roll!”. Speaking Spanish, I knew that what he said was actually closer to the word “bimbo” in some Spanish speaking countries. This comment was followed by a so-so loud applause in the audience, and then they gave the award out. I don’t recall what the names were of the three guys, their groups, or their countries of origin.

Don’t be surprised if that bit is cut when they re-air the show next week on regular US MTV on Friday. I wanted to submit this tidbit of news last night, but I couldn’t connect to the internet. Sorry!

Admin note: An e-mail I got on this subject says: The article of Jerseline reporting that spanish rockers were dissing at VMALA it´s a totally lie . . . I know it because I´M Latin and that girl or whatever doesn´t know a thing of spanish . The one that said “Stop making videos my girl!” was Alex Lora a very respected musician in México and articles like that distortioned the reality and it´s really sad that someone got the wrong message and now will be saying horrible things about other people.

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