Spears’ Driver’s License Case Dismissed, But Legal Bill Is Huge

A jury of eight women and four men again told the judge they couldn’t reach a verdict in Britney Spears’ driving without a license case. Ten jurors favored an acquittal, while two thought the pop tart was guilty. In response, city prosecutors announced that they will not retry the singer, meaning the case is dismissed.

Reuters reports that Spears refused to plea bargain as most do in her situation, not wanting a misdemeanor on her record. But it came at a hefty cost from her defense attorney J. Michael Flanagan. He joked that the legal bill is “probably a world record” for a driver’s license case and that he’ll end up charging the same as what he would on a vehicular manslaughter case, even though no one died. The full story at reuters.com has since been removed.

Watch an ‘Access Hollywood’ report on the news, featuring brief remarks from the Flanagan, below.

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