Speedway Remake ‘Genie’ For Debut

Scottish rock duo Speedway, consisting of Jill Jackson and Jim Duguid, are set to release their first single, which is a remake of ’s ‘Genie in a Bottle’, based on the popular remix of the song with The Strokes (aka ‘A Stroke of Genius’).

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12 thoughts on “Speedway Remake ‘Genie’ For Debut

  1. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    All I can say is, their version of the song is kind of more edgy, and it is really good. I’m sure Christina’s going to like it and this band has a future in the music industry. A Grammy for this band? Maybe. Thanks for Christina’s song. Looks like Christina’s the inspiration of everybody and she’s conquering the world!

  2. Mehrunisa says:

    Conquering the world? LMAO How much more delusional can you get?

  3. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    Medusa, yeah, Christina is conquering the world that’s why Ricky Martin asked for her help. :-P

    SOrry to break this, I am the real Christina Aguilera and I am conquering the world. LOLLLL

  4. Mehrunisa says:

    Ricky sold 40 millions albums before and with out her “help”. And he is still doing amazing with out her. Ricky was invited to perform on stage with the greatest artists of our time like Pavarotti , Sting, Elton John, Billy Joel and Placido Domingo, to name a few. The height of her collaborations was what? Little Kim and Pink???? She is the one that should be grateful that an artist of his caliber took her for the ride. Deal with it!

  5. Mehrunisa says:

    You are more crazy than I thought… God help you…

    And BTW, let’s pretend that I’m buying this stupid comment of yours about being Christina, then “you” Cristina and “your” fans are on the same low leve. Congratulations! But that’s not the way to conquering the world. LMFAO

  6. babet says:

    ^wtf. Christina has more talent in her ass than Ricky has in his entire life. and she also did a collaboration with Alicia keys plus her career has done VERY WELL across all borders. she could match Mariah and Whitney’s voice ANY DAY. Ricky is too much of a wimpy pretty boy.

  7. Mehrunisa says:

    She has more talent????? Yeah, keep telling yourself that… That’s only your sorry opinion that doesn’t count at all to anybody. For your information, Ricky is performing professionally since he was 6 years old in commercials and since age 12 in Menudo. He did soaps, movies and Broadway. His career spans almost 20 years now, and still going strong. And yes he is handsome and sexy and talented and successful. Lets see where Christina will be in 20 years , then come back to me…. And besides, can you explain to me, why do you always have to come into stories about other artists and to bash them, and then plug in your ad for Christina? Your vulgar language and stupid ass attitude only does bad service to your precious Christina. Because when I see a moron like you as a fan of an artist, his/her reputation goes way downhill for me and for others I’m sure. All this is so childish ! GROW UP!

  8. Arman80 says:

    Oh Lord, like this song hasn’t tortured us enough. It’s the same exact sh*t except with guitar riffs. Not even Christina herself could stand that damn song. That’s what happens when you don’t write your own material! So sad…….LOL!

  9. Arman80 says:

    Um, no! There is no way you can make a comparison like that. Give Christina 10 more years maybe 12 to be compared with artist like Mariah. Right now you are comparing apples with oranges and flattering yourself too much.

  10. Mehrunisa says:

    I am not the hypocrite here. You both are! I just gave her a taste of her own medicine. She is the one that jumps in every post about Ricky, insulting him, and all the other artists that she feels are in some competition with Christina. And its very interesting that people feel the need to bash other artists, but get all upset when their beloved artist gets the same treatment. You don’t like an artist? Fine, say I don’t like him. But to call names and wish for their death? It’s pretty sad and pathetic style of entertainment. Get a life you two. And If you want that the artist you love get respect, then show some respect to other artists as well.

  11. Arman80 says:

    babet, let me shine some light on you dear. Genie in a Bottle was written by Steve Kipner, David Frank, and Pam Sheyne, then it was handed on a silver platter to your hero Xtina. Come on buddy get with the program I’m not even a fan but I know this. It was as easy as looking it up. I just don’t like to talk out of my ass!

  12. jimmypee says:

    actually Christina wrote the hook to Genie. That’s why she’s in the credits. she was actually a singer songwriter before she got signed to RCA.

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