Sprinklers Interrupt Jason Mraz Autograph Signing Session

checked in with fans on his blog at MySpace (@jasonmraz) on Sunday (September 26), discussing how an autograph signing session turned into a water soaking on Saturday. The singer songwriter tells readers:

Last night outside of the gig in Searcy, Arkansas a crowd lined up on a lawn between the auditorium and the bus to cheer, exchange high fives, snap pictures and have my signature scribbled on an assortment of items, mostly ticket stubs. Like a scene from the movie in my mind, just as I happened upon the large crowd, the sprinklers came on. Screams of delight and muted panic rose from the men and women, who were all now catching a midnight cold. Luckily the Arkansas weather this time of year welcomes this kind of caddyshack foolery. Most of the late-staying patrons seemed to enjoy what had happened. To stop the water from cascading over the lawn, a guy named Shawn – a noble Dad – stood on top of the geyser for 20 minutes, taking the brunt directly up his shorts. When I saluted him from afar, the crowd went wild as they all knew he had saved the occasion. He was indeed the star of the evening. Thanks to he, we could all wade listlessly between the bus and the auditorium without umbrellas or ponchos.

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