Stalker Invades Kylie Minogue’s Dressing Room At O2 Arena

The Daily Star reports that a crazed stalker managed to talk his way into Kylie Minogue’s dressing room at London’s O2 Arena last Saturday by claiming to be her stylist. The mystery man made his way through the Australian pop singer’s belongings, and was discovered crying into one of Kylie’s spare wigs. Though her security wanted to call the police, Kylie felt sorry for the guy and told them he reminded her of Robbie Williams. Read more.

And Olivier Martinez Reunite

June 26, 2008 – Spies in Paris say Australian pop princess has gone back to old flame Oliver Martinez. Richard Reid visited Nine’s ‘Today’ on Thursday (June 26) to discuss the developments and look at pictures Olivier hugging and massaging Kylie. The segment at has since been removed.

Kylie To Give Gifts At Her 40th Birthday Party

May 26, 2008 – is set to celebrate her 40th birthday in Paris on Wednesday with family and friends, where the pop star plans on giving out gifts to her guests rather than receive presents. “Kylie has been spending some of her rare rest time on the European tour looking through boutiques and antique stores for gifts to give to her guests,” a source told The Sun. “She’s been shopping in Paris, Belgium, Prague and Athens. She loves giving gifts and she loves shopping, and money is no obstacle. She has also asked guests not to bring gifts for her as she knows she is near-impossible to buy for. It will be a grand party but she doesn’t want a major all-night bash. She’s in the middle of touring and can’t afford to get too tired after her recent health problems.”

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  1. chris says:

    that sounds pretty scary and nice that Kylie Minogue would do something like that when others would run to the police

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