Staples Center Area On Lockdown For Michael Jackson Memorial

The LAPD is planning to put part of Los Angeles on lock down Tuesday, as officials plan ahead of crowds that will swarm the memorial at Staples Center, while LA City Council member Dennis Zine wonders how the cash strapped city is going to pay for the event. Meanwhile, fans crashed the web site offering free tickets to the event which can only seat. Watch a report from NBC News’ Lee Cowan, aired Friday (July 3), below.

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2 thoughts on “Staples Center Area On Lockdown For Michael Jackson Memorial

  1. marcos blanco stephane says:

    Love Michael

  2. myrtie says:

    I think the state should feel honored that they have a star like Michael Jackson, being there in ka and he will be sadly missed and as for cost the state or county I assume they have made money off his death cause of all the people visitors that been there.. he will be missed and be proud that you got to honor of any asst to the family…

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