Star Reveals Details of J.Lo Anthrax Letter

This week’s Star covers the American Media story of the tabloid publisher receiving a letter addressed to Jennifer Lopez that likely caused the death of Bob Stevens by inhaling anthrax. Bobby Bender, who first handled the envelope revealed, “The two pages were folded into three, and had all these pleas to J. Lo, obviously referring to her recent wedding to Cris Judd: “I love you… I’m the one that you should marry… I’m a much better man…’ The letter ended with ‘Love’ and a name I can’t recall.” Unfortunately the letter was thrown away and so was the evidence that came with it.

As for Lopez, they talked to her ex husband, Ojani Noa who said, “When Jennifer finds out that someone used her name to these ends, she’s going to be extremely upset. I hope she hasn’t heard about this yet so that she can enjoy her honeymoon.” Alan Nierob, J.Lo’s agent, indicated that authorities hadn’t yet contacted her and added the singer is due back from her honeymoon by the end of October.

J.Lo Nabs Sexy Lingerie For Honeymoon

October 17, 2001 – The Enquirer reports Jennifer Lopez had plenty of sexy lingerie for her honeymoon with Cris Judd as an insider told them, “Jennifer’s maid of honor — her best friend Arlene Rodriguez — selected sexy black negligees and other beautiful pieces from some of New York’s high fashion boutiques for her.”

Leno Goofs On J.Lo

October 17, 2001 – Jay Leno joked about J.Lo during his monologue on Tuesday saying, “And on November 20th, NBC will air a Jennifer Lopez special. So if you’re thinking of getting one of those wide screen TVs, this is the time to to do it.”

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