Star94 DJ Misleading Backstreet Boys Fans?

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Backstreet Boys fan site Dirty Little Secrets reports earlier this week, the big Backstreet Boys news item was about Brian Littrell. Reports indicated that Brian and Leighanne had served as judges for a Radio Star Contest on Star94 in Atlanta, although no one could confirm whether or not the Littrell’s took part in the event.

Today, Vikki Locke, the host that was said to have referred to Brian as a “former member of Backstreet” spoke out to several Backstreet Boys fans through email.

She first contacted out very own, Amanda:

Yes it’s true, they were both judges for our Radio Star Contest. And yes, Brian hinted that the BSB may be over. He said they had gone into the studio to record and things fell apart. I said I heard Nick talk as if the band was history and Brian said, “Well, I hope we can work things out.” So it looks like Brian and the boys may be going solo.

Later on, I received an email from Vikki that painted a slightly different picture.

Yes they were on the show. They served as judges for our Radio Star Contest. During the interview I had said that I heard Nick comment about the BSB in past tense. Brian said that the guys got into the studio to record, but things fell apart. I then pressed him on whether or not the BSB were over and he wouldn’t continue. He said he was optimistic things would work out but that he may do something solo.

In Amanda’s email, Vikki expressed her opinion that all the boys may be going solo, however it was only speculation. Later on, in the email I received, the speculation was suddenly fact, straight from Brian’s mouth as she stated that “he said he was optimistic things would work out but he may do something solo.”

This is a clear example of how those involved in the media can take news and completely twist it into something else. This is one of the many reasons why so many fans are doubting the future of Backstreet. If you are one of those many fans, hopefully this article will make you think twice. Wait until a Backstreet Boy says they’re done before actually thinking it’s over.

It should also be mentioned that Nick Carter has publicly stated that Backstreet will be back and recently, when asked about recording another Backstreet Boys album, he very proudly said “soon”.

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