Lindsay Lohan Sounds Off On Paparazzi After Car Crash

tells USA Today that following her car crash involving the paparazzi, she hopes something positive might come of the incident. “I’m not trying to take (photographers’) lives away,” she said. “I understand their job is to take pictures. But I don’t want children involved and other innocent pedestrians getting hurt while walking down the street.”

Shortly after the accident, Sandra Bullock admitted, “I kinda was glad when (the car accident) happened as long as I knew she was OK, because I was like, ‘Maybe she’s the one who can make a difference.’ Maybe because of that, they’ll stop.”

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6 thoughts on “Lindsay Lohan Sounds Off On Paparazzi After Car Crash

  1. lilla says:

    well they didn’t stop after killing princess diana, so I doubt they’re gonna stop for bumping into Lindsay’s car

  2. RobScott says:

    I hope they do stop. I want to be an actor in the entertainment industry, and I can’t even imagine having to deal with that. Many celebrities are more than happy to do photo shoots; stalking someone during their off time is not necessary at all.

  3. shunny says:

    the paparazzi is absolutely ridiculous and dangerous.thats not journalism, that’s stalking.they put peoples lives in danger for a picture. they can say its for the public all they want but I know personally I don’t want to see a photo that was taken at the expense of someone’s life or injury.and I think the magazines that buy the pictures should be boycotted. but sadly people think just because they buy a persons c.d. or movie ticket they have a right to worship them and know all their business and then tear them down when they disappoint them.which they always do because they’re human just like us.

  4. Hunglo says:

    STFU…..Get a job a Wal-Mart or pose pretty boys !

  5. Michelle13105 says:

    LOL…you have a point. With fame comes paparazzi

  6. galleta says:

    The photographers do go to far, but if an entertainer doesn’t want to be noticed they wont be noticed. Comeon when they go to places like the IVY or CHI, or Koi, Fred Siegals, they want to be noticed. Like some artist have said if you don’t hang out at the places where the paparazzi expect you to be than you don’t get caught. But when someone is vacationing or just simply shopping in their corner market or even getting gas, it’s ridiculous to have to worry about being snapped. I do believe these ppl should get a break. But don’t complain too much cause like many old entertainers will attest to, “when they stop noticing that’s the time to worry”

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