Stars React To Brittany Murphy’s Death

Kina Grannis, seen here in a close-up, is among the pop artists reacting to the death of Brittany Murphy on TwitterSeveral pop artists have reacted to the shocking death of Brittany Murphy this weekend, who reportedly went into cardiac arrest this morning and could not be revived. Among the Twitter postings:

Marie Digby (@mariedigby): so sad to hear the news about Brittany Murphy.. so young… why? We really have to enjoy every moment of our lives.

JoJo (@JoJoistheway): I’m in shock. RIP Brittany Murphy. My thoughts go out to her friends and family at this most difficult time.

VV Brown (@VVbrown): omg britanny murphy died….. thats so sad. R.I.P and prayers for the family. Such a young talent.

Esmee Denters (@esmeeworld): This news is so heartbreaking.. RIP Brittany Murphy

Una Healy (@unahealy): R.I.P Brittany Murphy, very sad loss of such a young life :( x

Kina Grannis (@kinagrannis): just heard about brittany murphy… so incredibly sad. my heart goes out to her family and friends. <3 Jessie James (@iamjessiejames): Rip brittany murphy. I'm so sad Lindsay Lohan (@lindsaylohan): My deepest condonlences go out to all of Brittany Murphy's loved ones& may she rest in peace....She was a great talent w/a beautiful soul xo Melody Thornton (@MelodyThornton): What a face, what a voice, such talent, what a beautiful light the world has lost today! The gorgeous Brittney Murphy may you rest in peace! Tyler Hilton (@tylerhilton): I really liked Brittany Murphy. It's sad to see her go. Boy George: Very sad about Brittany Murphy, love & strength to her loved ones, deeply shocked by this! Jess Origliasso (@Jessicaveronica): wow.. RIP Brittany Murphy :( Brian McFadden (@BrianMcnugget): RIP Brittany Murphy....... loved her in clueless! x Michelle Branch (@michellebranch): So sad about Brittany Murphy. I was lucky enough to have spent a little time with her and I'll always remember her contagious laugh. R.I.P. Meiko (@meiko): So sad... Just heard about Brittany Murphy... My heart goes out to her family :( Sandi Thom (@Sandi_Thom): So sad to hear about Brittany Murphy. What a cryin shame 4 her family to lose her so young. She seemed like a really bright and bubbly girl. Samantha Ronson (@samantharonson): RIP Brittany Murphy. Wondering when g-d is going to stop calling people back? What a sad year.

Murphy teamed up with Paul Oakenfold on ‘Faster Kill Pussycat’ in 2006, and contributed covers of Queen’s ‘Somebody to Love’ and Earth, Wind & Fire’s ‘Boogie Wonderland’ on the ‘Happy Feet’ soundtrack.

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One thought on “Stars React To Brittany Murphy’s Death

  1. Marshall Daniels says:

    My deepest heart felt sorrow goes to her and her family. I was lucky enough to have known her. She was one of the Great Ones

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