Starsailor Amazed At Dido’s Styling

WENN reports British band Starsailor was amazed to watch Dido being worked over by stylists before her Top of the Pops performance. Frontman James Walsh, 20, says, “Her make-up artist was touching up her make-up, and moving bits of hair into place, and I thought it was hilarious. We were all dressed really scruffily and had no concept of where we were or anything.”

Dido Gets Best New Act

November 8, 2001 – Dido won the Best New Act award at Thursday’s 2001 MTV Europe Awards in Frankfurt where she was hugged by award presenter Shaggy. Dido thanked brother Rollo and told the crowd, “Thank you MTV and thank you everyone that voted for me.”

Dido Was Jumpy About Post September 11 Flight

November 8, 2001 – Reuters talked to Dido about her feelings following the terror attacks on September 11 where the considered cancelling an Australian tour stop. Dido admits, “I was actually about to get on a plane to Australia. I was a little jumpy at first. But I thought it was important to do the tour, to give people a little relief.”

Top Dido Search Queries

October 15, 2001 – has the top Dido related search queries for the month of September posted, and they show a respectable 38,170 searches for the singer who uses a stage name. Interestingly, searches for her impossible to remember/spell real name, Florian Cloud De Bounevialle, were non-existent. With a name like that, you can understand why the singer needed something simple. Not much interest in the ‘Dido nude’ query as only 287 pervs searched for it, with ‘Dido lyric’ being the most popular 2 word search. The most popular song search was ‘No Angel’ with 1,325 searches, followed closely by ‘Thank You’ with 1,023.

Dido’s Worst Rumor Was Britney & Justin Wedding Guests

October 15, 2001 – Dido held a press conference in New Zealand Monday where she’d performed the night before in Auckland. Dido was asked what was the best and worst rumors about her and she responded, “The best was that I used to be a porn star. It was fantastic, and sadly not true. The worst one is that Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake are coming to my wedding.”

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