Steamy Britney Set Brings Holiday Concert To An Anticlimax

Corey Moss of MTV News reviewed the KIIS FM Jingle Ball claiming Texas born singers Beyonce Knowles, Kelly Clarkson, and stole the show from Britney Spears, who angered many fans with her short headlining performance that featured no fan interaction. A Jive Records spokesperson said Monday (December 8) the performance was always scheduled to be 20 minutes. Read more.

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10 thoughts on “Steamy Britney Set Brings Holiday Concert To An Anticlimax

  1. tazzsgirl says:

    Again another written proof of Britney sucking. But please all haters have pity. 20 minutes of lip-syncing is very hard and for Britney walking and breathing at the same time is almost impossible.

  2. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    You know your time is over when talent less skanks like Hilary and Jessica beats the hell out of you. Nice to know you, Spears… now go back to Louisiana and plant some eggplants.

  3. rangergirl says:

    I feel bad that her fans were disappointed after waiting SO long to see her. Someone on this board defended her say that “she did say hello & goodbye to the audience-but apparently the person lied to defend Brit. Actually even if she did say hello & goodbye- BIG DEAL it would be the least she could do. Well I guess she has yet another performance to apologize for. What an arrogant, greedy women.

  4. rachel says:

    LMAO, her fans are missing all of a sudden. C’mon now I love to hear your crazy excuses. Some of the excuses are so ridiculous.

  5. jessfan says:

    First off, Jessica is not talentless. Hilary, yes. And skank? A Christina fan, calling Jessica or Hilary a skank? Riiight. Jessica received great reviews all around. She didn’t put on a big production. She sat there with two acoustic guitars and sang her heart out.

  6. JMAX says:

    All I can say is that some fans/people ask for too much. She got up there and she performed. They got what they paid for.

  7. outrageous4u says:

    That was me, loser. I didn’t lie all I said was my friend Michele went and said she did say goodbye and thanks-i don’t know I wasn’t there that is just what I was told -and what a loser you must be to even remember what I posted, you must have NO life-lol, loser!

    You are the ridiculous one for even caring- you know that just makes you look pathetic to be obsessed with someone you say you don’t like like I said earlier-get a life

  8. jimmypee says:

    LMAO no, they paid for a QUALITY performance. not some moron doing a tired, old, dull, repetitive, lip synched performance, followed by the b!itch completely ignoring them and cutting it short. once again, you moron Britney fans got treated like crap. and you just stand there and take it like the little walkovers you are, then have the complete lack of self respect and DEFEND her for it. she’s got you little dumbasses whipped, and everyone including her, is laughing at you for it….ROFL! Hilary Duff stole the show from her? LMFAO! looks like she’s stealing the sales from her too…poor Britney. god that’s hilarious….ROFL!

  9. EveryoneSucks says:

    yea she “performed”. all you have to do is wear gallons of makeup, dress in a “not-there” outfit, pop in a Britney CD and mouth along with the songs…and presto! your literally Brit! amazing!

  10. Cicero says:

    Her fans have every right to be angry. Britney might be tired, sick, or just in a bad mood — but her fans made her. It’s really disrespectful not to make the fans feel important. I know Britney has chit-chatted with fans in past shows — she usually does, and it’s great. She needs to do it EVERY time, even if she’s not in the mood, because it obviously makes a big difference. Hopefully Britney’s people won’t shield her from some of these bad reviews, so she can learn and grow from it.

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