Steamy Date For Justin Timberlake & Cameron Diaz At Suede

The New York Daily News reports star and girlfriend Cameron Diaz were spotted “kissing, and holding hands all night” while on a date at Suede. Justin only left Cameron for a moment to chat with Coldplay frontman Chris Martin. “The guys were talking about doing a collaboration project,” a spy revealed. “Cameron waited at a table for Justin.”

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9 thoughts on “Steamy Date For Justin Timberlake & Cameron Diaz At Suede

  1. elissawynn2003 says:

    I was thinking about Cameron (I was bored) and I came up with a few words to describe her. 1. UGLY 2. OLD 3. FREAK 4. S L U T 5. W H O R E 6. S L A G 7. B I T C H 8. TART Is there anything else anyone can think of to describe this media wh*re, who is using Justin for publicity!!

  2. Mocha says:

    you are right elissa! What the f**k! this so messed up! She just wont stop! She is all over him. Why the hell did she have to come to the after party, she ain’t a singer and she didn’t win no VMA! She could have waited for him at the hotel or something. Then she has the audacity to cover her face up as her and Justin are walking by! WTF! We know who you fu**in are biatch, ur always up his a$$ every 5 seconds why hide now! That girl has got something coming to her, go the hell away!

  3. elgato says:

    Yay, Justin’s doing another solo album (which is bad) but it means there will be NO MORE NSYNC!!

  4. JTlover says:

    that was before the VMAs so I wonder what Cameron said about Justin’s face when Britney and Madonna kissed!!lol I think that they are just having a good time but nothing serious.

  5. Stallion says:

    Elgato wasn’t Nick Carter suppose to go back with the Backstreet Boys after now or never. At least before Justin record his next solo album we will get another N’sync album. I think a collaboration between Justin and Coldplay will be great. I’m thinking about picking up a copy of Coldplay CD and Mary J Blige today. I hope they put the Mariah Carey collaboration on Justin next album. Can’t wait for the next N’sync album to come out next year.

  6. bluerose88 says:

    whatever I’m happy for them and they look like that they both like each other!! have some respect for people even though people might hate them.

  7. Diablo27 says:

    Elgato umm, did you ever think this collaboration could be for the next Coldplay album? Think before you speak. Anyway who cares bout Justin and Cameron its none of our business. I think it would be cool for Coldplay and Justin to something together. That would be really cool.

  8. DiVa4LiFe says:

    Some parts missing from that article it also said that she did the bunny hop dance as they said goodnight. WTH is that? I don’t think the elevator goes all the way to the top floor LOL.

  9. nick_carters_girl says:

    oh lordy.. not Justin and Coldplay.. Coldplay’s one of the best bands out there..Justin CAN NOT work with them..god, right after Justin worked with Nelly..he began to suck a bit..i don’t really like nelly’s stuff that much anymore..i don’t like Nelly anymore because Justin worked with him..i just think his music is really getting terrible.. well ya…if Justin and Cameron like each other.. then that’s just lovely…but you know what…i just wish this came with a pic..and I wonder if this was before or after the VMA’s.. because I mean..when Brit and Madonna kissed, that look on Justin’s face was HILARIOUS..hahahaha.. I wonder what Cameron had to say about that.. but I mean, lets be grateful y’ least he isn’t back with Britney..every time I read this articles about Justin with whoever..I’m just like, at least it isn’t Britney!

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