Step Inside Michelle Branch’s Life As A Road Trip

On May’s issue of YM, talked about the six things Michelle does when she’s on the road and her suitcase is her closet.

1. “Sometimes there’s hair in the bed, or you’re putting your foot under the comforter and it’s like, ‘Is that a band-aid?'” So she carries extra sheets and pillowcases with her.
2. Get into mini bars at any cost.
3. “I steal the shower caps for back home. Everyone is always like, ‘You have such great hair, what shampoo do you use?’ And I say, whatever is at the Marriot.”
4. Since Michelle goes four months at a time on the road, “You have to take extra underwear.”
5. Don’t get your areas confused. “I was in Seattle touring with the Dixie Chicks, and the next day we went to Portland. I got onstage and said, ‘Hey, Seattle!’ I felt so stupid. They’re rivals!”
6. She gets to go to like Holland, Singapore, and New Zealand. When you’re working, she never gets to see the cities, however. “I feel like I have to take a year off and go on vacation to all of these great places.”

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